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With the current intensity, extensiveness and desultoriness of internet, it is not enough to own an average website. If you want to interest and attract web visitors, it is essential that your websites are well graphically designed, are catchy, innovative as well as well- defined (easy enough for a layperson to understand). Symbiosis of these factors is the essence of a quality business effective web, web from us...

If your web presentation doesn't fulfill these criteria, do not hesitate to contact us as to avoid loss of business opportunities.

SEO – Inspired websites

The websites made by us resolt thanks to content optimization a high success in being in the leading position in a search database and endorse higher attendance and business success of your company. Our eMarketing services provide service above standard in this field.

Quality statistics about your website attendance

For observing the effectiveness of your site we will install an analytic measuring tool Google Analytics to your website. This tool will enable you to gain the basic statistic facts about your site attendance, as well as other sophisticated statistics - of where the visitors came from and how visitors actually interacted with your site (what kind of subpages they were interested in or what subpages they left your web on).

We`re keeping up to standard

When creating our webs we keep up to date standard issued by W3C organization. We attain a uniform design and compatibility with web search engines (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer).

Our references speak for themselves

Thanks to our WebAdmin tool there are around 200 administrated and updated web portals in presence.

Technologies we use on our projects

WebAdmin is developed under dot Net 2.0 environment, WebAdmin uses MS SQL Server 2000 database. We are able to integrate lot of other technologies into our projects - flash animations, AJAX functionality etc.
We have also experience with PHP script language, MySQL and Oracle databases.

Price list

The price list of our service is optimized for the wide range of customers – starting with young businesses that need good quality but the budget limited presentations, ending with businesses that request complex web systems satisfying their demanding requirements in the field such as eShops or website integrity with inner information business system.

Our price offers start from only 200 EUR or 300 USD  for static pages and 500 EUR or 740 USD for WebAdmin.

Full service - we provide all necessary services

We do all services needed for succesfull  web presentation - we provide web hosting, we make graphics, deliver publication system, fullfil the customers page with needed information, run EMarketing campaign, etc..

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qwebs s.r.o.
Voroněžská 28
Praha 10
110 00
Czech Republic

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