Expand your shopping business activity by other efective marketing channel!

Online shopping becomes a regular part of our lives. eShop is a system that enables online shopping. Our eShop solution has got the best proportion of price/quality on market, from the price 1220 EUR/ 1800 USD.
eShop performs a useful function for you – eShops data handling – products, prices, discounts, client and order administration, collective mailing to customers, order statistics etc.

The second part of eShop forms a portal for your visitors, where they can list all your products, put the products into the basket, place orders and set up payments.

Our publication system contains an electronic business module. We provide a complex eShop service. One of the features is the possibility to have more businesses switched on at the same time – in different currencies and in different prices.

Price List

The license price of our electronic business solution starts from 1220 EUR/ 1800 USD, supply of WebAdmin publication solution in mini version included.

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qwebs s.r.o.
Voroněžská 28
Praha 10
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Czech Republic

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