tomenu WebAdmin is internet and intranet system developed by a professional team of programmers. System with a three years history has made around 300 running web sites. Copyright protection system owns one of our company`s founder.

Basic features

• Simple and intuitive work with system
• Multi-language support (Czech, Slovak, English, German and other)
• Site map
• Contact form
• SEO facility
• Organization portal in a key tree structure
• Multiple-user system, trustee and access rights
• Text editor similar to MS Word
• Newsletter service
• News service
• Photo gallery and file download
• Forum service
• The most discussed articles
• The most read articles
• Time control of information representation
• Search keyword adjustment
• Possibility of static product integration of the third party
• eShop service integration, more shops option
• Banner reports
• Archive of website changes
• Internal messaging
• Collective emails default
• Watermark protection of images

Who we are:

qwebs s.r.o.
Voroněžská 28
Praha 10
110 00
Czech Republic

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