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Simple and intuitive work with system

By creating a system we focused on simple and intuitive work with system. After a few minutes of working with the system you will get used to its operation method and soon you will be able to handle more complicated settings. In addition, we will provide you with a manual that includes a detailed description of the most common operations and how you can handle them. So after a short period you will be able to manage all operations you need with the system.

Multi-language support (Czech, Slovak, English, German and other)

The default language is Czech. In case you need it we can provide you with the system in Slovak, German or English language immediately. It is also possible to add more languages, including Russian or Chinese within few days.

Site map

System automatically generates a general map of your entire presentation. It is possible to insert the map on an optional page.


Contact form

System contains a default contact form that can be used by your client to contact you.


Integrated full text search capability on your website

System supports full text search capability on whole portal. Search form can be displayed on demand on any place of every website page. Your internet visitors just simply enter searched text and system automaticaly searches all parts of web portal and displayes corresponding results.


Organization of portal in a transparent tree structure

contentbrowser2.jpg The whole structure of your website is well defined, it is presented on the left side of the screen using a key tree structure typical for Windows Explorer. Individual types of items have different icons. After a short while with working with the system will a user get used to GUI and will be working effectively.

Multiple-user system, trustee and access rights

Our system is multipleuser which means that it is possible for more users to work on website design at the same time. The system can set a few trustee rights for users. i.e. a marketing worker can have rights to change prices or an accountant worker can have access only to a product overview – order from eShop. In case that you don`t need any of the accesses provided, you can just switch it off.

Text editor similar to MS Word

Editor that is used by the content creation is very similar to Microsoft Word. Adjustment of size and font type, cursives - that everything is the same as in the most popular text editor.

Newsletter support

System has integrated facility to send emails with news on any other information for your customers, which wish you to send them these messages. Customers just enter their email address on your web page and they will be automaticaly entered into mailing list. They can also very simple logout from newsletter group.

News/actualities support

In system can be set part of pages on which will be displayed news. User with rights to add news just simply adds new news item and new news will be displayed on page. Various parameters can be set - number of news on a page, etc..

Inquiries capability

With inquiries you can realize inquiries to get to know about thoughts of your customers. Our publication system allows you to add inquiries to your webpage. Multiple inquiries can be added on different parts of portal.

Gallery of pictures and files for download

In system can be defined galeries of pictures, galery can be added to specific page. User rights can be applied to each gallery. Same function works for files for download.

Discussions and forums support

To each article on your portal is possible to add discussions. You can set which group of users can add their comments, or just simply set that any visitor of page can. Administrator has capability to remove unwanted user's posts.

Most discussed articles

Do you want to add oil to burning discussions on your portal ? Display to your visitors list of most discussed articles.

Most read articles

Used in case you want to display to your website visitors most read articles in your web portal.

Time-restricted displaying of specific articles in system

You can set to specific articles in your web page time interval during which article should be displayed. You can use this feature for example in case you need to display some time restricted special business offer on your portal. After expiring of display period, article will be automatically removed from your webportal.

SEO facility

You can set in system key-word with which should be pages genarated. It is important feature that allows to say to search engines like google or key words of your page. For example if someone searches for company which sells some specific item - e.g. photovoltaic panels, search engine displayes your page after keyword photovoltaic, because you have set this keyword in publication system.
It is possible to set keywords globally for whole web portal, or locally for each page different keywords.

Integration of third party statistics

We integrate to system statistical products of third parties - like – Google analytics, Statcounter, EMerite etc.

Integrated e-shop, possibilitie of multiple e-shops

System has installed module for electronic shop. Shop can be setup very easily. Items of shop can be imported through excel or XML file.
It is possible to have different eshops on different parts of webportal, with different prices, currency and items. EShop has integrated simple workflow of order processing. EShop can be extended by credit card module, which allows to accept payments by credit cards. No sensitive information are stored in EShop database - credit card numbers are stored in trhird party products - global payments systems like MUZO(europe payments), etc.

Advertisement banners

System has integrated facility for advertisement banners rotation on website.

Archivation of changes of each website page

System can be configured to store each change in webpage content. You can see each version of choosed wepage under system and for example compare it with previous. System has implemented publication system of changes. Your secretary can prepare new version of some page, but cannot publicate it. You will control all the changes and approve them and only after this step is new information visible on portal.

Inner messaging

System has implemented mechanism for messages sending between content users of system. You can write message to concrete user or whole user group. Messaging is very usefull for organizations in which are working multiple users on webportal content.

Mass email sending based on email templates

You can send to your clients mass email, which will be generated according email template. You can use  template variables to generate specific email for each customer - e.g. send an email with concrete order numbers to multiple customers at one click.

Watermark picture protection

All pictures on a page can be protected by watermark. You can imprint some text, or some another picture.
Important feature for customers who are sensitive on copyright of pictures on their website.

API for external modules creation

In case of need, it is possible to create own modules. We provide API for all functions that are needed to connect to system.

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